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The Theology and Place of Music in Worship

Our Leadership Learn about Cru's global leadership team. Cru Partnerships When the global church comes together then powerful things can happen. Values Leading from values so others will walk passionately with God to grow and bear fruit. No evangelising. Only teaching. I have not been made an official member yet. I asked if they would baptise my daughter in their pool in the church but was told to do it in a lake or other pool. They Never spoke to me about it again. No speaking or praying in tounges. I was told. I a not one those people who believe in going from one church to the next, however if the behavior of the leaders are as you described, then find a church that you can be sharpened.

In my honest and Bible based opinion, a woman has no business holding the position of pastor at a church. Even if things were beautiful and kind, it is bad theology. Dear one. First, the word pastor is only mentioned once. Ephesians Secondly, Jesus called some to be Apostles, prophets prophetess , evangelist, pastor, teacher. You are confusing Elders with the word pastors.

The church was not founded by pastors, it was founded by Jesus Christ, using His disciples, both men and women to evangelize and make disciples. Acts, upper room about up there waiting for the arrival of the Holy Spirit to baptize them… and it said, both men and women. They are all to equip the Saints for the work of the ministry. YES… Jesus called women to minister and when you see that Priscilla correcting a important man, Apollos, who was also an evangelist, you will see Jesus uses us all.

By the way… Deacons do not run the church either, they are at the bottom, foot washers, and they wait on tables the bible tells us taking care of those in the body of Christ who has need. Especially the Widows and Orphans. I also have the prophetic gift as well. It takes all three of those to plant a church and or ministries. Depends on the church denomination. I agree with 12, Churches these days are more focused on collecting money than getting members. We as believers should be ready at anytime and anywhere to evangelize.

Evangelism is the pillow of Christianity. A good topic as we are to repair our churches. The Book of Revelation letters to the 7 churches are very pertinent to our current times. We all must prepare our Armor of GOD for the times ahead.

Spiritual Multiplication

I think that many younger believers have become focused on social causes which is not bad in and of itself , but sometimes at the expense of things that have eternal consequence. They seek to get people to accept Christianity through various courses and programmes, when in reality it is not Christianity that people need, it is CHRIST that people need. When did God become a member of the Republican party?

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I will make the reasons for my departure known to the rest of the congregation. Jesus Christ does not pick sides with any political party, though what i will say is that i myself lean more to the republican side because they are against murdering innocent babies, gay marriage, and many other issues that i will not get into. God gives us that conviction when we know when we do wrong. I will also tell you that God does not approve of those issues that i just mentioned. There is a scripture that tells us that those who practices those things will have there part in the lake of fire and not only those who practice them but also those who have pleasure in them that do practice them.

Sounds just like the Scribes and Pharisees in Jesus day, they made rules upon rules and considered themselves the most holy, they made a living making up all these rules when the only rules anyone needed to follow were the 10 commandments. The Scribes and Pharisees felt threatened by Jesus. Same as some church rulers of today that follow tradition and self wants instead of what the gospel actually says. Thx Wayne. How many ministers actually follow the practical patterns Jesus established for us in the New Testament?

Jesus led… he went with his men into the village square and met the people where they lived. There he helped them and preached of his kingdom. There in comfort they sit and study… envision etc. Therefore when we listen to much of our modern preaching it rarely motivates or educates the congregation toward consistent, personal evangelism. Why… It makes them feel uncomfortable and we want everyone to feel comfortable when they come to our church, Amen! Besides they may not return, or they will search for the comfortable church. One that feels… right for them! Therefore the preaching is often about meeting the emotional, felt needs of the congregation.

Helping them to fell better about their lives, being successful, how they can benefit from their relationship with Jesus. It all begins with the preacher and if he refuses to live like Christ and the apostles and preach the need to reach others… well… welcome to the comfortable, convenient church of America. God has chosen you to go forth and be the vessel where he is glorified in faith their is a maturity. You will not be accepted by Godless man. I have been in ministry since and since have been in door to door evangelism. It is difficult to grasp why how nearly percent of the churches I have visited have next to zero interest in any kind of intentional evangelism.

The idea seems to be that people are supposed to come to church where magically they will hear the gospel which they will understand and the become converted, whereas nearly every church I visit here does not ever or rarely share the plan of salvation. I have often offered to begin a new converts class where I would single handed bring people into the group, but there are no takes as all.

So I am left to do evangelism on my own outside the organized church. As a pastor in small towns in Texas, the biggest thing discouraging me from evangelism is that everybody thinks they are already saved. Often they made a profession at some kind of evangelistic crusade I have been to some of these, and the gospel has not always been clearly presented, and the altar calls have often been emotional and manipulative. These people never subsequently attended church and show no evidence of being regenerate in terms of lifestyle. But they are totally convinced they are saved and are deaf to anything I say about the gospel.

I suspect that this a big problem throughout rural areas in the Bible Belt, and it may explain why so many churches in these areas are in decline.

A New Politics of Time

Jeff, it is not just a problem in the rural Bible Belt. It is a problem up the road from Hollywood. People love the idea of heaven, but reject hell. The prevailing attitude, though with different expressions, is that everyone eventually gets to God or get annihilated.