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Pancreativism VI. Conclusion Bibliography Analytic Table of Contents ". View on faber. Jamesian Applications more. Preface vii 1. The Creative Advance of Nature 27 3. Panpsychism in Action 65 4. The Polysemiality of the Concept of Religiousness and Religion 6. The Art of Epochal Change 8.

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On Pragmatic Anarchy 9. The Assassination of the Diadoches View on ndpr. Handbook of Whiteheadian Process Thought more. Table of Contents Introduction I. Aesthetics II. Anthropology III. Ecology IV. Economy V. Education VI. Ethics VII. History IX. Language X. Mathematics and Logic XI.


Metaphysics XII. Public Policy XIV.


Science XV. Sociology of Science XVI. Biographical entries XX. Epperly, Carol F. Johnston, Carol P. Dombrowski, David G. Anderson, Elias L. Henry, jr.

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Cobb, Jr. Buchanan, John Quiring , John W. Bracken, S.

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Earley, Sr. Valenza, Ronny Desmet , Ross L. Stein, Rudolf Windeln, Stephen T. Franklin, Sylviane R. Schwer, T. Sprigge, Thomas A. Kelly, Thomas E. Hosinski, C. Creativity and Its Discontents. The Response to Whitehead's Process and Reality more. Indeed, it took nearly thirty years before scholars seriously started to try to decipher the book taken as a whole.

Creativity and Its Discontent aims to provide evidence for this state of affairs by gathering and contextualizing all the major reviews translated where need be of Process and Reality: its original edition, its various translations some of them still ongoing and its corrected edition. It is designed as the ideal tool to accompany the forthcoming Handbook of Whiteheadian Process Thought. Macmillan Reprint, Fjellman, November 3. Translations Spanish Translation by J.

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The Algebra of Metaphysics more. The Algebra of Metaphysics.

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Despite hopes that empirical research and computational modeling would constrain theory, it seems that scholarly debate has not so much reached an impasse as remained at one reached in the 17th century. Accordingly, the present volume taps leading researchers and theorists in the study of consciousness and Whitehead scholars to explore an interface between process thinking and the burgeoning field of consciousness studies. In sum, the rationale for such a project has two main facets: first, the state of an educated debate that seems, first, unproductive and peculiarly burdened by its deep modernist origins; and, secondly, marked more by disciplinary rivalry than interdisciplinary synthesis.

Main Themes of the Book 2. Process Thought as a Heuristic for Investigating Consciousness 2. Whitehead as a Neglected Figure of 20th Century Philosophy 3. Consciousness as a Topic of Investigation in Western Thought 4. Psychology and Philosophy of Mind 5. Katzko Nijmegen 7. Windows on Nonhuman Minds, Donald R. Griffin Harvard III. Shields Kentucky State 9.

Rosenberg New York IV. View on cuny. Selected papers on process psychology more. Paul Stenner and Michel Weber eds. Selected papers on process psychology. Neuropsychology and Philosophy of Mind in Process more. Essays in honor of Jason W. Brown Part I. Papers in honor of Jason W. Brown Chapter 1. How does microgenetic theory square with evidence from cognitive neuroscience?

Talis Bachmann Chapter 3. Microgenesis of mystical awareness David T. Bradford Chapter 4. Sublexical phonological processing and paraphasia: Recent topics in the neurolinguistics of production in aphasia Hugh W. The scope of relevance of process thought John B. Chapter 6. The microgenesis of antisociality: A process-relational perspective Mark Germine Chapter 7.

Moral values in focus: knowledge and values in the embodied mind George Kurian Chapter 9.

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Neuropsychology of creativity Nikolay N. Nikolaenko Chapter Re-membering: the recovery of artistic vision after right- hemisphere stroke Maria Pachalska Chapter Process unveiled in the laboratory Gudmund Smith Chapter Reality: outside there or inside here? Since humility is—more than ever—urgently needed in scholarship, we have chosen to qualify our conceptual adventure as a search for new contrasts, thus invoking an essential Whiteheadian concept.

As the reader will have already understood, contrast does not mean here contention, or strife, or even comparison between fields that are essentially foreign to each other; it means emphasizing the complementariness of differences and the promotion of synergies. Riffert and John B. Part I. Psychotherapy Psychotherapy in Process, John B. A cookie is an alphanumeric identifier a file that the Company's web sites transfer to your computer's hard drive through a web browser to enable its systems to recognize your browser for record-keeping purposes.

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