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A Patent Medicine Testimonial "You might as well try to move the rock of Gibraltar as attempt to change Uncle Abimelech's mind when it is once made up," said Murray gloomily. Murray is like dear old Dad; he gets discouraged rather easily. Now, I'm not like that; I'm more like Mother's folks. But I'm glad I take after them. If I had folded my hands and sat down meekly when Uncle Abimelech made known his good will and pleasure regarding Murray and me after Father's death, Murray would never have got to college—nor I either, for that matter.

Only I wouldn't have minded that very much. I just wanted to go to college because Murray did. I couldn't be separated from him. We were twins and had always been together. As for Uncle Abimelech's mind, I knew that he never had been known to change it. But, as he himself was fond of saying, there has to be a first time for everything, and I had determined that this was to be the first time for him.

I hadn't any idea how I was going to bring it about; but it just had to be done, and I'm not "all Foster" for nothing. I knew I would have to depend on my own thinkers. Murray is clever at books and dissecting dead things, but he couldn't help me out in this, even if he hadn't settled beforehand that there was no use in opposing Uncle Abimelech. If I don't come down in time to get tea, get it yourself.

I shall not leave the garret until I have thought of some way to change Uncle Abimelech's mind. I shut the door and bolted it good and fast to make sure. Then I piled some old cushions in the window seat—for one might as well be comfortable when one is thinking as not—and went over the whole ground from the beginning.

Outside the wind was thrashing the broad, leafy top of the maple whose tallest twigs reached to the funny grey eaves of our old house. One roly-poly little sparrow blew or flew to the sill and sat there for a minute, looking at me with knowing eyes.

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Down below I could see Murray in a corner of the yard, pottering over a sick duck. He had set its broken leg and was nursing it back to health. Anyone except Uncle Abimelech could see that Murray was simply born to be a doctor and that it was flying in the face of Providence to think of making him anything else.

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From the garret windows I could see all over the farm, for the house is on the hill end of it. I could see all the dear old fields and the spring meadow and the beech woods in the southwest corner. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD 8. Buy Online, Pick up in Store is currently unavailable, but this item may be available for in-store purchase.

Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Lucy Maud Montgomery was a Canadian author and is best known for her novels, the first of which was Anne of Green Gables, published in She also published over short stories, and these are available in chronological order in a six volume set, this being the second volume - a selection of the stories from to The twenty two stories in this volume show L.

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Montgomery's early talent as a writer. The characters are interesting, the Canadian settings are described beautifully and a plot with dramatic tension is introduced quickly. The stories vary in style from romantic to funny to sinister. This book offers a fascinating series of stories to read. Here's a bit about a few of my favorite stories in this volume: Aunt Cyrilla's Christmas Basket: A delightful holiday story. While it may or may not be too original, it's charming.

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Kindness reigns in the end. Miss Cordelia's Accommodation: Ah! At least, Montgomery's royal and fabled heroine makes her appearance.

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Cordelia knows she rules as a queen over her four-acre domain. This story just shines with happiness and generosity. Ned's Stroke of Business: Now, this boy has a head on his shoulders! I found myself so attached to this story I'm still not sure if it's the thought of the ice skating, or the hard challenge that has to be plowed through, or the genius idea of Ned's The Bride Roses: What a romantic tale The Strike at Putney: Fabulous and hilarious!

The people of the Putney church are dividing against the issue of allowing a female missionary to speak at the pulpit. The church splits down the middle, between men and women on the subject. Oh, what fun those women have in battle! The Unhappiness of Miss Farquhar: I like this one because it's a plain-and-simple story that shows how you get on better in life if you don't mope about your problems.

Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1902 to 1903

Why Mr. Cropper Changed His Mind: This plucky schoolteacher knows how to create leverage — by obtaining evidence with her kodak. You go, girl! These stories may be old-fashioned Funny and charming, always a pleasure to read, especially when stuck somewhere waiting thanks, Project Gutenberg. Will continue reading the next collection. Dec 12, Janelle marked it as dnf. I own and have enjoyed all of LM Montgomery's novels and expected to like her short stories just as much. Sadly, this was not to be. One of the major reasons I have decided not to continue with this volume is the quality of the Librivox readers.

It seems that these volumes are a sort of practice ground for new and developing narrators. While some of them are quite good, others are still needing more practice. I'm also of the opinion now that LM Montgomery was a better novelist than short story w I own and have enjoyed all of LM Montgomery's novels and expected to like her short stories just as much.

I'm also of the opinion now that LM Montgomery was a better novelist than short story writer. There is a certain repetition of themes, plots and ideas in her stories, and this is more noticeable in the confines of a short story than in her novels, which give room for fuller character development and plot. Some of her short stories are very good, but at this point in time I lack motivation to plough through them. Jan 03, Corey rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-in , kindle. Yet another delightful grouping of LMM's works. I read this on the Kindle for free.

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Montgomery shines again in this second compilation of her short stories, this time those that were published in The same whimsical, funny, and wholesome sweetness that she would later become known for in her Anne Shirley series, was on display in these earlier published tales. I won't say much on the overall quality of the writing, as that was already covered in the review on the first volume of the short stories, those between The quality is vintage Montgomery, except that L.

The quality is vintage Montgomery, except that it did , in fact, become a bit better. You can see her skills improving as she continues to hone her craft. The main thought of mine about these stories, is that the diversity of story was mixed. But in such a short format, the effect was kind of boring, to say the least, as there was no real drama or chronicle of a life lived.

Indeed, for most of these stories, the reader could interchange the characters with little difficulty. At the end of the period that the short story collection chronicles, during , this changed, and Montgomery wrote some very good short stories. Indeed, I was captivated by these later entries, even if one of them was a tad too much on the sad side for me. Overall, despite the improved writing skills, most of the stories written during this period were a too whimsical and formulaic for my tastes.

Montgomery's writing, could come through. Not, at least, in the way they did in the earlier stories. To compare, this second volume again, except for the later stories compiled therein would be like if on took only the humor of the tales of Anne Shirley's life, and none of the actual events and characterization that make her so beloved. Certainly enjoyable to read, but overall a dry spell for Montgomery literary career. One she thankfully moved past by the time of the later tales. Mar 01, Maria rated it really liked it Shelves: adulthood , favorites , in Montgomery is a genius. Probably many people have said that, but I mean it. I've been absorbing all her short stories over the past four days, and though I like the 'him-her' ones best, they're all fantastic.

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  7. And wouldn't it be funny if that 'short story' is what prompted all of Anne? The stories are from to , a L. The stories are from to , and there are certain threads that pass through all of them. There's the Christmassy stories— making Christmas cheerful for someone who can't afford it, women-haters or man-haters who become reconciled to the opposite sex in time, old maids getting married, long-lost loves that come back, orphans who find a family member after all rich, at times , and all sorts of absolutely delicious things.