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These two terms were often replaced by latitudo and longitudo , and from the time of St. Thomas until far into the fourteenth century, there was lively debate on the latitudo formae.


For the sake of clarity, Oresme conceived the idea of employing what we should now call rectangular co-ordinates, in modern terminology, a length proportionate to the longitudo was the abscissa at a given point, and a perpendicular at that point, proportional to the latitudo , was the ordinate. Oresme shows that a geometrical property of such a figure could be regarded as corresponding to a property of the form itself.

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The parameters longitudo and latitudo can vary or remain constant. Oresme defines latitudo uniformis as that which is represented by a line parallel to the longitude, and any other latitudo is difformis ; the latitudo uniformiter difformis is represented by a right line inclined to the axis of the longitude. Oresme proved that this definition is equivalent to an algebraic relation in which the longitudes and latitudes of any three points would figure: i.

In this doctrine, Oresme extends to figures of three dimensions. Besides the longitude and latitude of a form, he considerd the mensura , or quantitas , of the form, proportional to the area of the figure representing it.

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