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Dark Matter
  1. D20 Modern - Dark Matter Campaign Setting
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  3. Dark Matters by Michael Dow
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You get the level and Treasures from the monster you killed after the transferred combat has been resolved. If the other player also wins, you draw Treasures first. This has been ruled different ways at different times, but we got a ruling directly from Steve, so it is official. The Hireling confuses me.

D20 Modern - Dark Matter Campaign Setting

It's basically another Cheat! But it's vulnerable to the Kill the Hireling Go Up a Level card, and anything that makes you lose the Hireling takes the attached Item with it. Can an Orc use his power to remove a curse retroactively?

Much more than documents.

What if he has a Chicken on his Head when he becomes an Orc — can he break the curse at that point? If an Orc does not use his power at the moment he is hit with the Curse, it takes full effect, and he can't use his Orc ability to remove it later. Why doesn't an Orc get some kind of bonus for dealing with the 3, Orcs monster card? Rather than put a rule on a Race card that refers to a single monster card or rewrite a monster card to refer to a Race that isn't even in the same set, we decided that the monster orcs are just as hostile to a munchkin Orc as they are to any other munchkin.

What does "every other player" mean on the Generosity curse? It means every player who is not the victim. The intent is for the victim to give all of his stuff to all of the other players.


The Lust Monster says ". Does this mean I cannot use cards on it like Out to Lunch? Even though it says you must Run Away, it does not say you have to do so immediately. So while you cannot fight the monster, you can use other cards on it, and if you can remove the monster from the fight entirely, the restriction is also removed.

As soon as Squidzilla appears, combat ends and you must try to Run Away immediately. Can you explain the Siege Engine to me? Can I play Annihilation to cancel a monster I just drew when I kicked open the door? If so, what happens? Put the monster in the box and forget about it. However, because this was not a card played by an opponent, you do not get to cancel the monster or Kick Open another Door.

And because the monster was in play, however briefly, you were in combat for that short time and therefore you cannot Look For Trouble or Loot The Room.

Dark Matters by Michael Dow

I just killed a monster to reach Level My opponent played Trojan Horse and the Plutonium Dragon and said I couldn't level up and therefore win the game until I killed the Dragon. Who's right? Congratulations on your victory! Trojan Horse cancels the Treasure but not the levels from one combat and immediately starts a new one. If the result of the first combat brought you to Level 10, the game is over and Trojan Horse can't be played. My opponent added a Wandering Monster. What happens if I Annihilate the monster?

Can Physicists Rewrite the Origin Story of the Universe?

What about the Wandering Monster card itself? In both cases, the card you Annihilate goes into the box and is forgotten, and the other card goes back into your opponent's hand.

I played Curse! Cursed Thingy on an Item and we aren't sure how it works. Can I unequip the Item? What special abilities e. You cannot unequip the Item; it takes up a useful Item slot until you lift the Curse or contrive to get rid of it. Here are some specific examples of effects that Cursed Thingy can have this is not a comprehensive list :.

Does Curse! Tiny Hands prevent me from carrying an Item that requires 2 Hands, or just from equipping it?

It prevents you from carrying it, just like the card says. It also prevents you from equipping it, of course, unless you Cheat! How does the Casting Couch work? Casting Couch gives you the option to have all the benefits and penalties to being a Wizard along with any other Class es you might be. It is, in effect, an optional extra Class card. No matter what, you must decide whether you are using the Casting Couch at the start of combat i.

If you do choose to use it, you are -1 to Run Away. How does the Stab-A-Matic work? A Thief using the Stab-A-Matic gets a "bonus" to his backstabbing efforts, so each is good for a -3 penalty instead of the normal Convenient Handles lets me turn a Big item into a small item. So could a Thief put convenient handles on someone else's Big item, and then try to steal it? You can't play enhancers on other people's Items unless the card specifically says so. Do I immediately discard the second Steed? Is it killed? And if so, if it was the Tiger Steed, would it come back to my hand?

You'd have to lose a Steed because you're only allowed one. This would not be the kind of event that allows your Tiger Steed to be returned to your hand. Is there anything special I have to do for Steed Enhancers? Steed Enhancers work and are played just like Item Enhancers, except they can only be played on Steeds.

Yes, it does. Not unless the card itself says you can. If I decide not to use a Steed, can I unequip it by turning the card sideways? Steeds cannot be carried. If you cannot legally use a Steed for some reason, you must find a legal way to get rid of it e. What if I'm Level 9 and can't gain a level unless I kill a monster?

And what if I'm using a special trick die so I'm guaranteed to roll a 6? Normally, using a trick die would be very much against the spirit of the rules, but the text on this card leaves that door wide open. Do I get Treasures or levels when I tame a monster? You didn't kill it. If I'm fighting multiple monsters, when does the taming happen? It happens as soon as you discard to make it happen; your new Steed will help you against the other monsters.

If I tame a monster, what happens to my old Steed?

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What if I somehow have multiple Steeds? Discard the old one s. The tamed Steed replaces all Steeds you might have had previously. Does my tamed Steed count as a Big item? Because it does not have a Gold Piece value, it is not an Item and is not affected by any cards that specifically target Items. It follows all other rules for Steeds, however. If I discard a tamed monster, what happens to the card? It goes to the Door discards. It's not a Steed any more.

It's a monster again. Do I keep my tamed Steed if I quit being a Ranger? Yes, until you play another Steed. If potions, enhancers, etc. Taming a Steed is similar to the Wizard's Charm Spell, so one-shot Items if it was the only monster in the fight , monster enhancers, and so on get discarded. Rulings on the forums have been inconsistent, but this is the official answer.

The Steed Enhancer remains on Horse Shoes , but they do not add to its bonus as long as you are using them as Footgear. In the Dungeon of Comprehensive Curses, it says a Curse that affects one munchkin affects all munchkins.