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We feel winning by skill and not a rule along with good sportsmanship sums up our general guidelines of league play.

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Our General Guideline booklet for 8-ball and 9-ball takes this into account and has been designed with the player in mind and sized for easy storage in your cue case. Distribution of this booklet is available to you in a printable version shown below or to be purchased in a pack at our online store. TAP Corporate also provides all teams one free rulebook every year through your local league representative.

Due to the time of the yearly printing of our 8-ball and 9-ball booklet ball and Scotch Doubles will not be added to our General Guideline Booklet until summer of next year. However you can view and print from the below area. You will need Adobe Reader software to view these rule books. It doesn't make sense to me! We'd like to play in a cash division that is fair. I think the rating sucks I had to play against player even though I was a player.

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the complete guide to league 9 ball Manual

Hi Randy, Can you provide more detail? In which division did you rated have to play someone rated ? Was that a team division?

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We do not use hard rating lines for singles divisions because it creates an incentive for some players close to those lines to attempt to manipulate their rating. We avoid this by not publishing the dividing lines. Thank you for the comment. Feel like platinum and Bronze got screwed. Hi, what about increasing the Platinum team cap to , that way it's easier to make a team? I have several high players that want to play and are friends but can't join a team.

Download e-book The Complete Guide to League 9 Ball

I bet this would increase attendance in Platinum singles and teams. Reserve Hotel Become an Exhibitor. Become an Exhibitor Reserve Hotel. Reserve Hotel. Mixed 8-Ball Team Division. This new division has been highly requested and is part of an overall goal to offer greater opportunity and fun to more BCA Pool League members. The Mixed 8-Ball Silver Team division, with a maximum team rating of 2, using FargoRate, was added in and was a huge success; attracting nearly teams in the first year.

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We are confident the Bronze division will also be a welcomed addition to an already fantastic event. The following basic eligibility requirements will apply to this new division. No person male or female may be rated higher than at the time of registration.

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At least two 2 players from the same league team must play each round. Other players must be qualified from the same league.

For more information on how to sanction an existing league, start a new league, or join a league, visit www. For more information about CSI, please visit www. Ryan Schmidt. CSI Support link. James Holloway link. Jeff Southern. Tim Sena. Ken Boyle.

Do they have the divisions, player mix and caps for 9-Ball teams figured out yet? Duane Hinton. Eave verl Snipes. Hey this is exciting! Now the true single A teams should be able to compete! Great job! Brian L. Will there ever be a bronze division for the women's team. Dickie Betts. Mark V. Trophy Division no cash payouts.