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My favourite wolves on the spectrum:. Some Junkie Cosmonaut. Cardinal Ximenez.

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ISBN 13: 9781494951092

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As Gudrun puts it, "in places where wolves are still roaming, my soul feels free. Her desire to play a critical role in keeping wild wolf populations healthy helped propel her through three years of aggressive cancer treatment. Gudrun says she dreamed of returning to the Canadian wilderness to once again see wild wolves. But that's not all. In yet another surprising turn of events, the summer of earned Gudren another title, mother.

Surprising doctors and defying all the odds, Gudrun gave birth to a healthy young boy.

The Etiquette of Wolves | Thought Candy

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The Etiquette of Wolves - eBook

But this year, one of them is dumped in the river. Eight men walk away. They disappear in the woods of upstate New York. And a university student is framed for murder. When dirty secrets are out in the open, someone has to be smart enough to outthink the lies. Before anyone else is locked away in a dark little room. In a place used to screams.

Where bodies are never meant to be found. Melissa Stacy lives in Durango, Colorado. The Etiquette of Wolves is her first novel. For more information, or to contact the author, please visit her webpage at: www. Convert currency.